Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Free Programming Game where play as Colobot to Find life on another planet !

Hello guys, today I'm gonna share a great game where you can learn a programming language and playing game a at the same time. So here is Colobot.

Colobot is a Programming and Real-Time Strategy Game wheren you can program your bots in a programming language called CBOT, this language is similar to C++ and Java. The main purpose of this game is to find a new planet to life and save the humanity from extinction !.

Colobot Screenshot/fossgames.com
This game originally released by Epsitec, and its available for download along with the source code and that means you are free to modify the to your own liking. The name of the original version of the game is Colobot Classic. This project now is on the alpha stage, but don't worry mostly part of the game is playable for Windows and Linux. Don't worry for the major bugs, because the developers have correct it. The developer also working steadily to fix the game and develop it towards subsequent beta release and introducing new features and enhancements. So if you want to help the development it's very welcome.

To download this free game you can go to their official site and click download button, click this link to go to official site.